Saltwater Disposal Company

San Augustine & Nacogdoches, TX

Common Disposal, LLC utilizes state-of-art saltwater disposal wells to process and treat wastewater in East Texas. Common Disposal is currently permitted disposal of up to 130,000 barrels a day between our 6 locations in San Augustine, Geneva, Aiken, Chireno, and Nacogdoches, TX.

We collect the saltwater from your project site and dispose of it back into the earth, in compliance with all regulatory guidelines and with respect to the environment.

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Certifications & Safety

Common Disposal, LLC is a Registered Commercial Motor Carrier in both Texas and Louisiana. We can:

  • Haul water from your drill site to one of our commercial saltwater disposal wells
  • Accept water from outside trucking
  • Use our own fleet, or yours if you prefer

Common Disposal, LLC participates with, and is contractor/compliance qualified with Veriforce, ISNetworld, and NCMS. Our employees are Safeland certified. We are certified by the Texas Railroad Commission for transport.

The safety of our employees is our highest priority. Through third party safety groups, we can share our safety materials with companies in partnership with Common Disposal.


Saltwater Pick Up

Pick-up & delivery 

Common Disposal is proud to offer transportation of fluids as well as pick-up and delivery of salt water, pit water, pig water, freshwater, or heavy equipment in Texas and Louisiana.

Our fleet is operated by highly trained personnel who uphold our safety and quality standards.

Contact us today to schedule your on-site saltwater pick up.